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Rural houses in the mountains of Alicante What to do?

Looking for a place to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city? Take a look at the rural houses in the mountains of Alicante.

What are the things to do in the rural houses in Alicante?

With plenty of activities to keep you busy, you'll never get bored during your stay. From hiking and cycling trails to fishing and swimming, there's something for everyone. Plus, the scenery is absolutely stunning. So if you're looking for a place to relax and unwind, look no further than the rural houses in the mountains of Alicante. Here are a few things to do.

There's plenty to do in inland Alicante

Alicante is a stunning Spanish province that lies very close to the Mediterranean Sea and offers beautiful mountainous landscapes, perfect for exploring.

With its luxurious rural homes, Alicante's mountains are a prime destination for those looking for a getaway without giving up too much to do. Whether you want to shop at the local markets, explore miles of hiking trails or snuggle up in high-end mountain cabins, this region has it all. It's also an ideal place for birdwatchers, as well as photographers who delight in capturing unforgettable scenes such as idyllic valleys and tranquil lakes.

Immerse yourself in Alicante's rich culture and lifestyle by experiencing the numerous activities available in the rural houses nestled amongst these beautiful mountains.

Hiking, mountain biking or horse riding

If you're looking for an outdoor activity that will get your adrenaline pumping and leave you with a sense of achievement, why not consider hiking, mountain biking or horse riding?

Hiking is the perfect way to explore the great outdoors, learn more about nature and get some exercise. It is also a great opportunity to enjoy breathtaking views of nature.

Mountain biking is a slightly more intense option for those looking for something more challenging: it's fast, fun and can provide an exhilarating experience on winding trails up steep slopes.

Horse riding is another fantastic way to spend time in nature while experiencing the feeling of being on top of a beautiful animal.

You can also visit the local wineries and cheese dairies

Visiting the local wineries and cheese dairies can be an incredible experience, both in terms of taste and scenery.

The wineries open up the possibility of exploring the nuances of the surrounding terroir while tasting delicious wines, while the cheese dairies offer a range of flavours, textures and aromas when it comes to different types of cheese. And don't forget that being out in nature can open up your senses and create a much better atmosphere for enjoyment than what you usually get inside a restaurant or bar.

So if you're looking for a fun outdoor activity, try visiting some of the wineries and cheese dairies in the area - you won't regret it!

Enjoy inland gastronomy

Dining out can open up a whole world of new flavours and experiences, so why not take the opportunity to explore the unique gastronomy on offer inland.

From family-run eateries to fine dining, there are countless options to savour authentic local cuisine just a few miles away.

Here you'll find dishes that focus on freshness and simplicity, highlighting the best local ingredients. And don't forget to indulge in the desserts - they're always a sure hit! So set aside some time during your next trip and explore all that the interior has to offer in terms of delicious cuisine.

Charming rural house in Alicante

A charming rural house in Alicante allows you to escape the hustle and bustle of city life. Set in the Mediterranean landscape, you can truly enjoy the natural beauty and peace, with a mild climate almost all year round.

Imagine yourself relaxing on the terrace and contemplating all that surrounds you; feel the relief of being surrounded by open fields, grazing animals, flowering trees, sea waters and blue skies. But that's not all: this villa has all the charm of modern comforts, with state-of-the-art appliances, private pool and spacious rooms so you can still enjoy what you'd expect from a luxury villa.

If ever there was a place to get away from reality and reset your mind and soul, this charming country house in Alicante certainly fits that description!

There are plenty of things to do in the casas rurales. You can go hiking, mountain biking or horse riding. You can also visit the local wineries and cheese dairies. Enjoy the gastronomy of the inland. Charming rural house in Alicante.

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